Porsche Rebuilds


Zentrum can offer rebuilds of all sizes from a custom rebuild to your specification to a basic top-end rebuild.

Porsches were designed to work in all conditions, from local town driving to racing around the fastest tracks in the world. The only way to make your Porsche out peform any other is to carry out fine tuning and rebuilding.

Our technicians are capable of rebuilding Porsche engines from across range, we can take on all jobs both big and small for example….

  • Upgrade and modification kits are available for a custom rebuild of your Porsche
  • Bespoke Porsche rebuilds carried out to your budget and requirements
  • EngineĀ dynamometer testing with custom mapping
  • Total rebuilds of engines and gearboxes across the whole Porsche range (from early air-cooled to the latest water-cooled)
  • Solving common problems of intermediate shaft failures, to cracked cylinders and scored liners.

Booking in your Porsche

Please get in touch via the methods below to book in your appointment to discuss your Porsche rebuild project.

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