Peter Porsche 997 Turbo

Having been a Porsche owner almost continuously since 1985 I have seen the dealer Network offering change considerably over this period and have become increasingly frustrated at the ever higher charges levied for basic servicing and the  impersonal service provided. While discussing this topic with a friend and fellow Porsche owner approximately 2 years ago he agreed with my observations and recommended the services of Zentrum . I duly contacted Mike and had My Wife’s Cayenne Turbo serviced – the result was noticeable in that the vehicle had never felt and run better and after they had optimised the settings on the laptop the fuel consumption and driveability were a revelation. Additionally I also now have them look after both my 997 Turbo and 911 Speedster . Not only are the boys at Zentrum extremely knowledgeable on all the models but are true enthusiasts and this coupled with their reliable, affordable and personable service will ensure that I too will have no hesitation in recommending them to fellow Porsche owners.

911 Turbo Servicing Testimonial
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